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We are St. Croix's  Tent  Experts!

Our large inventory of beautiful high peak tents will provide all the shade you need for your next event.  One tent not big enough? Scroll down to  see some examples of how our tents can be put together to make some truly amazing spaces!

Our Inventory

Planning an event but don't know how big a tent you need? This is where to start!

Seating Plans

Just a few examples of how you can layout your seating.

Tent Layouts

Our tents can be combined in lots of unique ways.  Click here to see just some examples.

Things To Know

Information yo need to know before you rent your tent.

Our Inventory

Our Inventory

100 Sq. Ft   

Peak Height: 17'  
Auditorium Seating: 30
Banquet/Mingling: 24
Round Table Seating: 16

20 x 10

20X20 Diagram

800 Sq. Ft   

Peak Height: 17'  
Auditorium Seating: 120
Banquet/Mingling: 80
Round Table Seating: 64 

20 x 40


400 Sq. Ft   

Peak Height: 17'  
Auditorium Seating: 60
Banquet/Mingling: 40
Round Table Seating: 32 

20 x 20

20X20 Diagram

900 Sq. Ft   

Peak Height: 19'3" 
Auditorium Seating: 135
Banquet/Mingling: 90
Round Table Seating: 72 

30 x 30


600 Sq. Ft

Peak Height: 17'  
Auditorium Seating: 100
Banquet/Mingling: 60
Round Table Seating: 48 

20 x 30 

20x30 Diagram

1040 Sq. Ft

Peak Height: 17'  
Auditorium Seating: 160
Banquet/Mingling: 100
Round Table Seating: 80 

40 Hex

40Hex Image.jpg

Tent Layouts

Tent Layouts
Suggested Layouts

Suggested Seating Plans 

Important Information

Important Information

We do it all...

When you rent any of our tents we handle everything!  Professional delivery, installation, and pickup, it's all included so you do not have to worry about anything!

For your safety...

For everyone's safety our tents MUST be installed with stakes.  This means holes!  Please keep this in mind when renting a tent and deciding on a location!

Light it up!

We offer lighting for all of our tents so that you can keep the party going late!

Concrete Solutions

Need to install your tent on concrete? We have a solution that keeps everyone safe and leaves tiny holes that are hard to find.  Be sure to let us know if you need installation on concrete before your rental.

Protect our beaches

Our beaches are beautiful places to be enjoyed by all. For the safety of everyone, including our animal friends, we do not install our tents on the beach!

Be responsible!

When you rent a tent you are responsible for its security and you are also responsible for making sure you have permission, permits, and any other required paperwork to install the tent. If you don't have it we can't install it!

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